Asher Textile Dictionary

Asher Textile Dictionary  
Weight Linier oz per yard
Sq Weight Square oz per 36"x 36"
GSM grams per square meter
  Cuttable width if width is 52-54 cuttable is 50
Gauge Number of needles per inch
Cut same as Gauge
  Diameter diameter of machine like 30" diameter
Single knit knitting machine with one cylinder. Good for jersey on 2 end French terry
  Double Knit knitting machine with 2 cylinders. Good for Rib or interlock
    3 end knitting good for fleece or 3nd F. Terry. It is jersey machine but with attachment to run 3end F. Terry
    French terry Stitch with loop in the back, can be 2 end or 3 end
Yarn count thickness of yarn / weight of yarn per yard/ meter we are using on cotton or modal rayon English count on synthetic yarn poly or spandex denier. In cotton count / English lower number the coarser the yarn 40/1 is finer then 24/1
How convert 30/1 to Denier 30/1 English count= 177 den had formula
What is the difference between Modal and rayon? Rayon or viscose are the same. modal treated to have less shrinkage and stronger called high Modular rayon
What Micro Modal? Micro mean modal with more filament softer
What is Micro Micro = more filament = softer
  What is Yield in fabric. weight per yard
   What is fine gauge? 44 cut ,28 cut or 24 cut are fine gauge or similar
  What is course Gauge 3 cut 5 cut 10 cut 14 cut consider as course gauge
   What is 12 gauge? 12 needles per inch
  What is 28 gauge? 28 needles per inch
How many needles has 12 gauge 30" diameter 12x30x pie 3.14
What is Shrinkage can be just by washing only or Garment dye
What is torquing when after you wash the garment , the garment twist on your body
How we cost knitting charge one roll can be 1000 revolution or 4000. or 2 rolls in one shift or 8 rolls
Surcharge on light fabric under 7 oz dye house charge about 50 cents more
Yield of Garment Usage of fabric per garment , yards