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Luxury Wholesale Blanks

We don’t like our fashion fast. 

We like creating sustainable fashion, with blanks made right here in Los Angeles and finished with exceptional quality. We like to live our values, offering luxury wholesale blanks made in 100% vertical production with no minimum purchases: just great quality garments that set your designs apart.

Almost Vintage: Luxury Fabrics to Wear Again and Again

How do we make better blanks? For us, it comes down to the fabrics we knit in house and the careful ways our garments are cut, dyed and stitched.

We’re passionate about taking apparel to the next level. In our factories, we pride ourselves on high standards and incredible attention to detail using the finest materials. In our Los Angeles based warehouse, every single luxury wholesale blank is knit, cut, sewn, dyed and pressed. That way we can guarantee an extraordinary quality and a fantastic cut that acts as a canvas to creativity.

Our 100% vertical production process creates exceptional blanks, every time and we’re passionate about delivering quality that lasts.

Luxury Wholesale Blanks: Family Owned and Proud Of It

Made in LA, our home-grown luxury blanks brand is proud of its roots. 

No business is too big or too small – we aim to be your go to luxury wholesale blanks supplier, helping you create clothing your customers love to put on.

From luxe loungewear to elite sweats, cool tanks to high-quality bottoms, AsherLA is a proudly Californian brand, featuring classic bodies available as luxury wholesale blanks. Make your mark on wholesale men’s unisex long sleeves, or create something incredible on our men’s unisex wholesale bottoms. Bring your dream to life on a women’s wholesale tank or place your design on a men’s unisex wholesale hoodie

Whatever your vision needs, you’ll find the luxury wholesale blanks to make it happen right here, at AsherLA. Browse all our luxury wholesale blanks now.